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Xu, Shenghuan. 2016. An Interpretation of Body-Emotion Metaphors in Chinese from the Perspective of the Mental Causation— A Study of Body-Emotion Linguistic Expressions (Ⅱ). Foreign Language Education 37 (3) : 1–7. 7 pp.
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Xi'an, C.N.: Xi'an International Studies University Press


This article proposes that in Chinese language, there are a number of metaphors related to body and emotion, i.e. body-emotion metaphors. It lists some examples of how human organs are associated with emotions and analyzes how these metaphors construct meanings in speakers’ mind. The authors believe that metaphors are the products of mental cognition and the body-emotion metaphors are the products of mental (emotions), physical (organs) and linguistic process (media of communication). This type of metaphor is built on Chinese culture (especially the principles of Chinese medicine) and linguistic features, and follows mental causation.