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Chi, Xin. 2016. Inheritance, Subversion and Reconstruction of Metaphor: An Analysis of the Conceptual Metaphors in Prima’s Loba from the Perspective of Cognitive Poetics. Foreign Language and Literature 32 (1) : 82–89. 8 pp.
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Drawing on conceptual metaphor theory and conceptual blending theory, this paper first analyzes the two metaphors “HUMANS ARE WOLVES” and “GODS ARE WOLVES”. Then. it proceeds to analyze the image of wolf in Prima’s Loba from three dimensions: i) the fierce and lonely wolves, ii) the metaphor of “GODS ARE WOLVES”, and iii) the metaphor of “WOLVES ARE HUMANS”. Based on the analysis, it is concluded that in Loba, Prima not only inherits, but also subverts and reconstructs the conventional conceptual metaphor of the WOLF. The inheritance, subversion and reconstruction of conventional conceptual metaphors constitute the features of Prima’s feminist poems.