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Huang, Baoyan. 2016. Interpretation of Metaphoric Thought Based on Analogy Models in Linguistic Cognitive Process. Foreign Language and Translation 1 : 49–55. 7 pp.
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Metaphoric expressions are the external representations of human’s internal metaphoric thought. This paper, from the perspective of similarity and contextual effects and on a basis of analogy models in logic, proposes four analogy models for the interpretation of metaphoric thoughts, i.e. homogenous analogy, abnormal analogy, mismatched analogy, and transformational analogy. What all these models have in common is that they have the feature of the creation of similarity, which is the nature of metaphoric thought. Based on this, it provides an analysis of linguistic cognitive process of metaphoric thought, arguing that metaphoric thought, other than its aesthetic values, can enable people to talk about the current entities and emotions by employing the external entities or previously existing lexical items.