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Bretones Román, Antonio . 2015. El lenguaje taurino metafórico de uso coloquial. Didáctica. Lengua y Literatura 27 : 35–53. 19 pp.
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Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid


This article discusses metaphoric language from the field of bullfighting used in everyday life. The sources consulted for the data are newspapers and magazines, radio, and television. Information is given on the domains, users, frequency, and meaning of these expressions. They are most frequently used in the field of politics and sports. Among the most common expressions, we find torear and lidiar 'to fight bulls', and venirse arriba or estar crecido 'to be confident/brave'. Additionally, teaching strategies are given for the foreign language classroom. Grounded in a socio-cultural paradigm, the set of bullfighting-based metaphoric expressions in Spanish can be a useful resource for students in communication outside the classroom.