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Jiang, Nan, Jinfang Sun and Lu Zhang. 2015. Analyzing Mo Yan’s magical language style and isography rhetoric on the basis of his novel Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out. International Rhetoric Studies : 155–166. 12 pp.
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This paper aims to analyze Mo Yan’s, the first Chinese winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, magical language styles and isography rhetoric. Mo Yan is regarded as the outstanding representative of oriental magic realists, and his work Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out is a masterpiece concerning the use of fantastic magic language. Through detailed textual analyses, the paper shows that this work achieves its effect firstly by creating mysterious and ethereal atmosphere through the use of onomatopoetic deviation and metaphor and then by creating a magical imagery world in color writing. The findings reveal that the interpretation of this novel must take into account various rhetoric devices used in the work, including metaphor, symbolism, and their context of magical realism.