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Zhao, Jing. 2015. Analysis of Taoist views on women and their contemporary value based on the Taoist gender metaphors. International Rhetoric Studies : 123–133. 11 pp.
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This paper aims to analyze Taoist views of women and their value in the modern society through investigating the metaphorical expressions related to gender from the perspective of conceptual metaphor theory. Taoist classics are full of metaphorical expressions, and many of them are taking gender as their source domains. Furthermore, a large majority of the gender metaphors have the female as their source domains. The paper argues that Taoist classics differ from other classics such as those of Confucianism in that they assign equal status to the female. The paper also systematically classifies metaphors into four categories according to their source domains, that is, mother (mu), female (cí), fetus (tāi), and the sky father and the ground mother (tiānfùdìmǔ) and analyze how they are used to explicate key concepts in Taoist classics.