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Fuchs, Barbara. 2015. Suspended Judgments: Skepticism and the Pact of Fictionality in Cervantes’s Picaresque Novellas. Modern Language Quarterly 76 (4) : 447–463. 17 pp.
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Durham: Duke University Press


Cervantes’ works are full of challenges and tensions of the reality-fiction dychotomy. El Quijote has been the best exemplar of this in literary analyses. However, his Novelas ejemplares, particularly “Rinconete y Cortadillo”, “El casamiento engañoso”, and “El coloquio de los perros”, with their picaresque appeal, display doses of skepticism. This skepticism supposes a suspension of the readers’ judgements of the veracity of the plot. These doubts challenge the reader but do not, however, mislead him into the total veracity or fictionality of Cervantes’ novellas.