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Gavrilyuk, Paul L. . 2008. The Reception of Dyonysus in Twentieth Century Eastern Orthodoxy. Modern Theology 24 (4) : 707–723. 17 pp.
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Within the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the contribution of Dionysius’ Collectiones canonum Dionysianae has been interpreted very differently. Vlamidir Lossky, in talking about the negative characterization of God, view Dionysius’ work as the foundation for Byzantine mystical theology. John Meyendorff, in turn, views it as a kind of writing in need of a Christological perspective as the one in Maximus the Confessor and Gregory Palmas. My essay also talks about how Dionysian mysticism and Russian sophiology, that is, the knowledge of God, can be reconciled. A conspicuous contradiction arises, though, in the interpretation of Dionysius’ works. Whereas some Orthodox people have an skewed view based on Western tradition of thought, other Orthodox people depart from Dionysius to create a well-grounded anti-Western theology.