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Arcimavičienė, Liudmila. 2011. The Complex Metaphor of Political Animals in Media Political Discourse: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Studies About Languages 19 : 95–100. 6 pp. URL
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The aim of this paper is to reconstruct as well as contrast the complex metaphor POLITICIANS ARE RATIONAL ANIMALS found in British and Lithuanian political discourse. The research material used in the analysis were analytical articles that occurred in the space of five years (2002-2007) in the the electronic archives of and Con¬tent analysis, as understood in the theoretical framework of cognitive linguistics and conceptual metaphor theory, was the method applied to investigate the collected data. It was observed that the complex metaphor POLITICIANS ARE RATIONAL ANIMALS is mainly represented by such source domains as STRENGTH and BUSINESS, their use giving evidence of Pragmatic Morality which shapes the system of both political beliefs and expectations as found in the two countries studied. Moreover, it was also proved that moral politics is mainly associated with coercive and forceful behaviour, its key concepts being STRENGTH, FORCE, CONTROL, ORDER, STABILITY, RULES etc.