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Fallah, Nahid and Mohammad Raouf Moini. 2016. A critical metaphor analysis of Arab uprisings in “The Washington Post” and “Keyhan” editorials. Metaphor and the Social World 6 (1) : 79–102. 24 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


This research deals with the metaphorical representation of the Arab revolts during 2011 in different Arab countries which was called the Arab Spring in the editorials of two newspapers: Keyhan (Persian) and The Washington Post (English). Sixty editorials from these newspapers are scrutinized in search of metaphorical representations of the Arab uprisings and the possible beliefs these representations express. From a cognitive-pragmatic approach, this analysis shows that newspapers inform the same events using totally different frames embedding some ideology in the texts. Whereas in “Keyhan” some events were described as religious conflicts (the dictators and their supporters as unbelievers and the evil or demonstrators as believers and God’s soldiers), in “The Washington Post”, these events are understood via different source domains such as being a journey towards democracy or a natural phenomenon and a game between political powers.