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Vieira Ferrari, Lilian. 2015. Tricotar, alfinetar, rasgar o verbo; a comunicação verbal para além da metáfora do conduto. Investigações (Online) 28 (2) : 1–25. 25 pp. URL
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Linguistica e Teoria Literaria


This article aims to analyse metaphorical expressions for verbal communication in Brazilian Portuguese through Conceptual Metaphor Theory (LAKOFF & JOHNSON, 1980, 1999) and Blending Theory (FAUCONNIER & TURNER, 2002). The analysis concentrates on the metaphor “VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS TEXTILE ACTIVITY”, revealing that its metaphorical mappings may be drawn by two types of construal: (i) the conceptualization of discourse as fabric, (ii) the conceptualization of discourse as action on fabric. Above all, it is discussed that single scope and double scope blending networks play a key role in these metaphorical mappings.