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Furlanetto, Maria Marta. 2015. DISCURSIVE FORMATION, AUTHORSHIP, AFFILIATIONS AND METAPHOR. Fórum Lingüístico (Online) 12 (1) : 595–610. 16 pp.
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This essay aims to summarize the notions of discursive formation (DF) – to be questioned -, discursive memory, identity, and metaphor, fixing a context to deal with the authorship process. Our intention is to reason that, beyond DF’s semantic ressignification, it would be important to favor discourse networks (affilations) related to fragmented territories with conformation visible only after the analytical course. It would contribute to a theoretically more convenient image (historical path) of a discursive object, or alternatively in the discursive landscape. We also argue the DF’s proposal as a non-topic unit (as per Maingueneau).