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Gershenson, Olga. 2009. A family of strangers: metaphors of connection and separation in the Gesher theatre in Israel. Western Journal of Communication 67 (3) : 315–334. 20 pp.
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The starting point in this paper is Gesher, a bilingual and bicultural theatre that Soviet immigrants established in Israel. We delve into the metaphorical speech in Gesher by considering critical analysis to be embodied in ethnography of communication theory and method. Understanding on the set of cultural meanings that take action in the theatre is provided, since metaphors are regarded as a culturally informed type of communication. We rely on the axis of connection-separation to arrange them. Metaphors dealing with family highlight connection, which helps to the cohesion of members of the company that belong to different cultures and generations. Nevertheless, alienation and ambivalence among these members is also reflected in the use of metaphors, in addition to their isolation from the most significant cultural situation in Israel.