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Gillette, David. 2001. Metaphorical confusion and spatial mapping in an age of ubiquitous computing. Technical Communication 48 (1) : 42–48. 7 pp. URL
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Society for Technical Communication


We are surrounded by changeable, spatially defined information contexts which computing plays a part in, then, it is necessary for the so-called technical communicators to investigate how people are able to interpret the world being a mechanism which you can walk through. There are information systems built for two-dimensional on-screen spaces which will be changed by embedding computers, something that must be given careful consideration. In addition, we must widen online design aesthetics and construction techniques by following two methods: 1) using the standard design theory that comes from print, film, and television; 2) including ideas from commercial design, cognitive psychology, and architectural and civil design. We can first incorporate these ideas in understanding how spatial mapping behaves when looking for information.