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Gómez Díez, Isabel. 2004. El discurso de la lingüística en la postmodernidad: análisis del discurso del Diálogo de Diversidad lingüística, sostenibilidad y paz en el Forum Universal de las Culturas de Barcelona 2004. Language design: journal of theoretical and experimental linguistics 6 : 5–70. 66 pp. URL
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Granada: Asociación Andaluza de Lingüística General (AALG)


This study aims to show how linguistics and social movements correlated to each other within Postmodernity; to do so, a specific discourse from 2004 is examined, i.e. the congress on Linguistic Diversity, Sustainability and Peace held in the Forum Universal de las Culturas, Barcelona. We will analyse in detail the effect of the most noticeable social movements on the discourse of linguistics, such as postmodernism, anti-globalization movements, regional nationalisms and environmentalist movements. With this purpose in mind, a corpus was created compiling the written texts of the presentations made in the congress. They are examined according to two different levels. Firstly, we will distinguish the topics of the discourse paying close attention to those typical of postmodern ideas, it being on the macro-level of the meaning of the discourse. Secondly, on the lexical level, we will perform a contextual analysis of the terms related to modernism and nationalism, which are topics of upmost importance in both the congress and postmodernity. Lastly, metaphors and neologisms will be employed to explore the ‘greening’ of the discourse of linguistics.