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Romero González, Esther and Belén Soria Clivillés. 1997. Stylistic analysis and novel metaphor. Pragmalingüística 5 (6) : 373–389. 17 pp.
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Universidad de Cádiz


This article aims to supply an overt representation for the stylistic analysis of written material which incorporate metaphorical examples. Work by Short (1996) will be followed to outline the stylistician’s activity. With this purpose in mind, we will resort to a complete theory of metaphor that is supported by recent research on the matter. Firstly, our representation needs to show those characteristics that make it possible to discover a metaphor, which are anomaly in context and conceptual contrast. Albeit some researchers have turned against the anomaly idea, we consider it is due to the striking difference between semantics and pragmatics and we state that using an integrational method to illustrate the anomaly in context of novel metaphor helps to overcome this rejection. Secondly, it is necessary to explain in detail how interpretation takes place when one domain is restructured in terms of another; the resulting metaphorical restructured domain is seen as a useful context for interpreting novel metaphor.