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Dominguez, Martí. 2016. The Metaphorical New Synthesis: Toward an Eco-Evolutionary Theory of Metaphors. Metaphor and Symbol 31 (3) : 148–162. 15 pp.
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It is widely accepted that metaphors are constructed purely by humans whose aim is to improve the communication. In this article, not only the improvement of the communication but also the possible influence in human evolution by the adaptation and transformation of the metaphors is analyzed. In order to do so, a corpus of 319 cartoons dealing with the Germanwings air crash, where 144 metaphors were found, was selected. According to the results, this study is able to prove, throughout the analysis of the metaphors and their changes through a period of time of two weeks, how metaphors evolve depending on the communicative niche and become more efficient within the daily basis communication.