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Popek-Bernat, Katarzyna. 2015. Valoración en las metáforas lingüísticas: proyecciones del amante codificadas en el léxico erótico español peninsular. Itinerarios (Warszawa) 22 (-). URL
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According to Ryszard Tokarski, linguistic metaphors are made up by different types of valuations which are connected with the semantic and structural motivation of the majority of the metaphors and, besides, with the influence of cultural and extra-linguistic factors on their formation (1992: 69- 81). This paper, following the idea of Tokarski who tries to identify if the concept of human being in the Polish language is positive or negative, attempts to analyze the Spanish erotic lexicon to find out the type of valuation of lover is presented in the Castilian language. Having a corpus of 5 lexical units dealing with the sexual act and taken from Diccionario del sexo y el erotismo by González Felix Rodriguez (2011), this paper also wants to prove thyat the relationship between descriptive and evaluative elements of the meaning lexical item makes easier a deeper and multidimensional studies on metaphor.