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Gouvelou, Eleni. 2012. An approach to Modern Greek poems contained in the Texts of Modern Greek Literature based on the «rhetoric version» of Reader-Response Theory (Προσέγγιση των ποιημάτων των κειμένων νεοελληνικής λογοτεχνίας...) . University of Patras . 177 pp. URL
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Ph.D dissertation
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The current research examines literary works comprised in the textbook Texts of Modern Greek Literature, for the first grade of the Greek Gymnasium. The author adopts the Reader-Response Theory, as this is supported by three scholars: Roman Jakobson, Paul de Man and Wayne Booth. The approach gives emphasis to the interpretation of the various rhetoric devices being used in poetry, in addition to the “hermeneutic” process the readers go through when they attempt to decipher poetry. The rhetorical devices which are analyzed are those of: metonymy, personification, rhetorical question, symbol, allegory, irony, and mainly, metaphor. The author supports that the teaching of Literature in Secondary Education leans towards the «rhetorical version» of Reader-Response Theory, not “the “hermeneutic” one. Through this analysis, the MA thesis aims at enriching the teaching of poetry in Secondary Education, in Greece.