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Anastasopoulou, Chariklia. 2013. Exploring the relation of homonymy and metonymy as a diagnostic tool for dementia (Η διερεύνηση των λεξικών σχέσεων ομωνυμιών, μετωνυμιών ως διαγνωστικό εργαλείο στην άνοια). University of Patras . 140 pp. URL
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Ph.D dissertation
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The study investigates the relation between the linguistic capacity and dementia. More specifically, it analyzes dementia and it focuses on the difficulty of patients to deal with instances of lexical ambiguity. Empirical evidence is collected from observation and various tasks, which shows the cognitive performance of patients. Their cognitive capacity is evaluated in terms of age and type of dementia. The research aims at offering suggestions over exercises which improve memory. The exercises concern instances of homonymy and metonymy. Overall, the study highlights the importance of attaching conceptual mappings in patients with dementia; the findings serve as a threshold for further research.