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Kamilaki, Maria . 2015. “Τι γυρεύουμε εμείς μέσα στη νύχτα των άλλων;”: γλωσσικές επιλογές και ταυτοτικές συνδηλώσεις...) . Studies in Greek Linguistics 35 : 261–273. 13 pp. URL
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Manolis Triandaphyllidis Foundation


The paper delves into a study carried out with the purpose of revealing how certain linguistic patterns emerge as genre-typical verbal characteristics of Greek rock songs of the 1990s. A corpus of 184 songs was created and a thorough linguistic analysis of all of them revealed the characteristics shared by most of the samples: negative sentimentalism, romantic words, creation of romantic images and extended use of conceptual metaphors to achieve this aim. Moreover, certain lexical choices and choice of particular person/number in verbs arise as some of the most significant traits characterizing Greek rock songs of that decade. The above characteristics contribute to the construction of the sociocultural identity of the creators and of the rock fans contrasting it to the sociocultural identity of all other members of the community ('I' vs. 'we').