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Koutoupi-Kitis, Eliza and Dimitris Kitis. 2015. Συνθήματα δρόμου: ένα ξεχωριστό κειμενικό είδος. Studies in Greek Linguistics 35 : 286–297. 12 pp. URL
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Manolis Triandaphyllidis Foundation


The question raised in this paper is whether street slogans constitute a distinct genre and not just a subcategory of the urban discourse and if they share certain characteristics that can define them as anarchist discourse. The authors conduct a linguistic analysis on a corpus of almost 1500 street slogans in Greek proving both initial hypotheses as correct. It was pointed out that the shared linguistic characteristics of the slogans show the creators' attempt towards common identity construction. To achieve this, many of the lexical items included in their wall messages are abstract words (mostly nouns) that very frequently qualify for metaphorical use, especially when it is wished that emotions like anger, frustration or contempt against the authorities are expressed, as is the case in anarchist discourse.