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Han, Chong. 2011. Reading Chinese online entertainment news: Metaphor and Language Play. Journal of Pragmatics 43 : 3473–3488. 16 pp.
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Amsterdam: Elsevier


In this article the writer presents a corpus-based piece of research concerning the employment of novel and conventionalized metaphors in the discourse of online entertainment news. The author argues that this employment yields entertaining effects for the viewers over elements of the Chinese pop culture. In this way some culture-specificity of the metaphors is depicted. The writer uses Blending Theory to account for the examples. Language play has a major role in all of the metaphoric examples and it is supported that there are two kinds of language play: ''metaphor play'' or "empty metaphor". Moreover, it can be seen that war metaphors and food metaphors are largely employed when reporting news about entertainment (SPORTS ARE A CHAPTER NOVEL OF WAR and FANS ARE FOOD ITEMS). These initial metaphors give rise to many more making their presence common and noticeable.