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Moragas Fernández, Carlota Maria and Arantxa Capdevila Gómez. 2017. La mediatización del proceso independentista de Cataluña: El rol de la metáfora en tratamiento informativo de El Mundo, El País y La Vanguardia. Dígitos: Revista de Comunicación Digital 3 (2) : 11–36. 26 pp. URL
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Universitat de València


The media play an important role in forming public opinion since they determine a society’s shared experience. Via the media, we see different public figures in situations of conflict and metaphors help simplify these events so that we can understand them. This paper analyzes how the media use metaphors to deal with the troublesome political issue of Catalonian Independence. The sample consists of informative and opinion articles from three different newspapers that span the political spectrum. These articles are from the 11th to the 14th of September 2015, at the beginning of the campaign for the 27th September Catalonian Parliament elections. To determine what stance each newspaper took regarding this conflict, three domains were chosen and the metaphors used in each were examined. The domains are: 1. Indepedence/Independence Process, 2. Spain-Catalonia relations, and 3. 27th September elections. The metaphors that appear the most in each domain are: conflict/war to describe the elections, journey/road/movement to describe the process of Independence, and family/love/friendship to describe Catalonia-Spain relations.