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López, Raquel. 2017. La metáfora especular: ecos del existencialismo schopenhaueriano en “Los espejos” de Jorge Luis Borges. ¿Literatura y Filosofía hoy? Logos: Revista de Lingüística, Filosofía y Literatura 27 (1) : 123–138. 16 pp.
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Universidad de la Serena, Chile


Literature and philosophy show mankind’s need to grasp language beyond basic methods of comprehension. It also means our urgent need to understand the world around us. Jorge Luis Borges’ work brims over with a strictly conceived rheotoric in the literary field, finding its place in Mythology, Theology and Philosophy as well. Borges’ prestige as a poet in Latin American culture is due to his versatility. Production and reception of poetic discourse give way to a specific view of reality. This paper looks into his work Los espejos (El hacedor, 1960) using Schopenhauer’s existentialist approach. Will and representation let us crack the code of mirror metaphor construction in Borges’ poems via fantasy and reality concepts as well as the calm expression of infinity and eternity. This study on Los espejos means reconsidering the relationship between Literature and Philosophy, fields that keep under wraps that they borrow language and ontology.