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Sánchez, María Nélida. 2017. Análisis de las organizaciones mediante la evolución de la teoría respecto a perspectivas y metáforas organizacionales. Técnica administrativa 16 (2). URL
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Ciencia y Técnica Administrativa


This article analyzes organizational theories by considering two principles: the evolution of perspective, divided into pre-modern, modern and post-modern stages, and the division of theoretical stances into Administration, Organizational Theory and Organizational Studies. We also analyzed the use of organizational metaphors concerning the machine, the organism and culture, differentiating each in their own time and context. In this way, we can put into context the changes that have occurred insofar as perceiving organization and visualizing man within this organization. Our purpose is to reveal important factors that the development of theories is based on so as to make the proposed theories clearer and adjust the contexts that each theory is aimed at.