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Riesgo Gómez, Víctor. 2017. Elecciones en España ¿campo de batalla o edificio inestable? Análisis de las metáforas y de los marcos resultantes empleadas por la prensa generalista durante el periodo electoral de mayo de 2015. Encrucijadas: Revista Crítica de Ciencias Sociales 13 : 1–21. 21 pp. URL
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Discourse in journalism during the Spanish elections in 2014 is analyzed in this article. Firstly, metaphors are identified. Then, frameworks are sketched out. Finally, suggestions are made as to how this discourse has affected Spanish politics. The main topic of this research endeavor is the appearance of two new political parties on the electoral stage. Hence, two main metaphors were used in the media: metaphors of building and engineering, and military metaphors. Building and engineering metaphors make politics look like a field unfit for amateurs. Military metaphors show rival politicians as an enemy to be conquered in an all-or-nothing mentality, erasing all traces of political pluralism.