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Lisciandro, Rosario. 2017. La traducción de expresiones idiomáticas en la enseñanza del italiano a hispanohablantes: Análisis de un caso práctico. Estudios interlingüísticos 5 : 46–65. 20 pp. URL
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This project aims to address one of the most challenging facets in the learning process of a foreign language, that is, the analysis of metaphorical units. The first part of the article will be devoted to the study of Italian lexical units, highlighting those blends featured by figurative meaning, like locutions and proverbs. Moreover, we will also examine the terminological issue of such units, provided that their typology offers some confusion. In the second part of this article, we will examine the results obtained by Spanish B2 level students of Italian as a foreign language, from the “Escuela Oficial de Idiomas of Almería”, in a test on Italian idiomatic expressions. The test’s fundamental purpose was to corroborate the recognition of certain metaphorical expressions and how those students managed to translate them into Spanish.