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Hao, Chen. 2017. La metáfora y los caracteres chinos. México y la cuenca del pacífico 6 (16). URL
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Universidad de Guadalajara


The topic of metaphor should not be reduced merely to the rhetorical field since it has already appeared in cognitive science to have a wider vision. What happens with Chinese characters is very similar to that: not only should their research center on the traditional field, but they should also consider cognitive theories to complement the analyses, and maybe get more appropriate answers to the teaching questions that have been posed when teaching Chinese as a foreign language (CFL). More non-Asian people are getting interested in this country and they intend to keep closer to its culture and start learning its language. Nevertheless, one serious problem that hinders this linguistic action is Chinese writing learning. For this reason, this paper attempts to find a link between cognitive metaphor and Chinese written symbols to provide with an exciting view for the study of Chinese characters as well as for teaching CFL.