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Briggs, Ronald. 2017. The Student as Political Metaphor in El Semanario de Caracas (1810–1811). Bulletin of Hispanic studies 94 (5).
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Liverpool University Press


Miguel José Sanz and José Domingo Díaz gave birth to El Semanario de Caracas (1810-1811), which was born and died with the infamous first Venezuelan republic. As a lawyer belonging to the colonial elite, Sanz (1756-1814) intended to describe Venezuelans as people starting to take part in political activity and requiring extra instruction, as well as to place the Semanario as their textbook. The author analyzes the pros and cons of the student as a conceptual frame for the recent independent republic. He considers the teacher-student gap that was found in the twentieth-century to be an absolutely necessary trope for the rhetoric of educational improvement and give reasons to support that it is included in the speech of Sanz and his contemporaries. He suggested that he would be a political teacher himself, somebody who tries to make people look at the latest events from his own perspective, a very different one, and thus becoming a political version of a man improving education.