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Shinohara, Kazuko and Prashant Pardeshi. 2011. The more in front, the later: The role of positional terms in time metaphors. Journal of Pragmatics 43 (3) : 749–758. 10 pp.
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This study investigates the conceptual mapping LATER IS IN–FRONT within the TIME IS SPACE metaphor in Japanese and Marathi. Previous studies of this and other temporal metaphors (Moore, 2000) consider it a marked pattern in the languages of the world. In our analysis we show that when accompanied by so–called “positional terms” (e.g. names of cycles, seasons, weekdays, etc.), Japanese saki and Marathi puDhe/maage illustrate the Ego moving metaphor rather SEQUENCE AS POSITION. In other words, the metaphor evoked by certain terms meaning ‘in front’ and ‘behind’ in these two languages is dynamic (based on motion) rather than static (based on stasis).