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Elliot, Esi Abbam, Joseph Cherian and Hernan Casakin. 2013. Cultural metaphors: Enhancing consumer pleasure in ethnic servicescapes. Journal of Business Research 66 (8) : 1004–1012. 9 pp.
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This paper investigates a so far unexplored facet of ethnic servicesscapes, that is the role of cultural metaphors in enhancing consumer pleasure. The study also elaborates on the concept of pleasure as “ethno-pleasure” and provides a definition of it as closely connected to the emotional responses of consumers who are affected by the cultural metaphors encountered in the servicecscapes. “Ethno-pleasure” is seen as comprising three different components: symbolic experience, imaginary experience, and reviving experience. As the authors point out, findings of this study could help marketers develop new strategies for multi-cultural marketing.