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Lucena Romero, Miguel Ángel. 2017. Una enciclopedia del deseo: El término coito en las fuentes árabes y el léxico sexual a través del Kitāb al-īḍāḥ fī asrār al-nikāḥ de Al-Shayzarī. Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos: Sección Árabe–Islam 66 : 195–212. 18 pp. URL
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This paper aims at obtaining an erotic glossary of al-Shayzarī’s (XII-XIII) Kitāb al-īḍāḥ fī asrār al-nikāḥ (Elucidation of the secrets of lawful intercourse) by means of studying the literary value of the lexicon in its textual corpus and examining its semantic function. We also include a typology of expressions which refer to the sexual practice according to their orientation (direct or indirect), as reported in the Arabic treaties, analysing the use of metonymy related to sexuality in the Koran.