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Alexandri, Katerina . 2017. The morphological form and the semantic gradation of color adjectives in Modern Greek (MG) (Η μορφή και η σημασία της διαβάθμισης στα επίθετα που δηλώνουν χρώμα). Studies for the Greek Language 37 : 29–42. 14 pp. URL
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Manolis Triandaphyllidis Foundation


This paper investigates the automatic processing of compound nouns which denote color in Modern Greek. The author adopts a transformational grammar and a lexicon-grammar approach. The nouns investigated come from three thematic areas, namely, visual arts, oenology and hair styling. The findings showed that the compound nouns designating color are used frequently in oenology (40%), visual arts (35%) and hair styling (25%).