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Galandomos, Ioannis and Georgia Andreou. 2013. Modern Greek learners’ notions of metaphors and idioms [Αντιλήψεις των διδασκομένων για την νέα ελληνική ως δεύτερη/ξένη γλώσσα αναφορικά με τη διδασκαλία του μεταφορικού τρόπου έκφρασης] . Journal of Applied Linguistics 28. URL
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Aristotle University Press


This paper investigates the role of metaphors and idioms in foreign language teaching. The authors conducted a large-scale survey which examined Modern Greek learners’ beliefs concerning the necessity of teaching metaphors and idioms and incorporating them into the syllabus. The findings showed that participants developed positive attitudes towards metaphors and idioms. The authors suggest that metaphors and idioms have a facilitative role not only in everyday communication but also in overall communicative competence.