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Perrez, Julien and Min Reuchamps. 2014. "Deliberate metaphors in political discourse: the case of citizen discourse". 25 : 7–41. 35 pp. URL
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Article in journal
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In this paper Steen’s (2008) three-dimensional model of metaphor analysis in communication is applied to a corpus of political discourse, more specifically citizen discourse in Belgium. The analysis distinguishes among the linguistic (direct vs. indirect metaphor), the conceptual (novel vs. conventional metaphors) and the communicative levels (deliberate vs. non-deliberate metaphors). Based on the results of the analysis, the distinction between deliberate and non-deliberate metaphors allows to point to differences in saliency of the source domains in terms of which citizens make sense of Belgian federalism, leading to the conclusion that the metaphor BELGIAN FEDERALISM IS A LOVE RELATIONSHIP functions as an important conceptual reference point for the citizens’ understanding of the political relations in the Belgium.