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Kirshner, Lewis. 2015. The translational metaphor in psychoanalysis. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 96 (1) : 65–81. 17 pp.
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The present paper deals with the concept of translational metaphor, which could be defined, within the boundaries of psychoanalysis, as the traditional interpretation of a specific verbal or behavioral act to understand and find out the undertaken conflicts behind the patient symptoms. Then its true meaning and origin are translated by the analyst to explain such act. It might be tempting but interpreting clinical or medical material might not be objective, so the analyst takes the role of a teacher or diagnostician to avoid misleading. The author emphasizes the potential emergence of new forms of representation that can be spot, from the unconscious, by using analysis accordingly. To reformulate such misleading account, and provide further clinical illustrations, the author takes into considerations previous works such as the ones of Lacan, Modell and Laplanche.