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Papiasvili, Eva D. 2016. "Translational Aspects of Interpretation Today: A Developmental and Dynamic View". Psychoanalytic Inquiry 36 (1) : 88–101. 14 pp.
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The paper tries to update the psychoanalytic interpretation point of view, which is based on Freud’s view of neuroses as faulty translations between various systems of experience with different processing codes. Arguing that psychonanalytic interpretation is a configuration of progressively expanding bands of translational connections between and within various experiential systems, translation and interpreting thus lead potentially to verbally consolidated insight that found in recent studies to uniquely affect the posttherapy growth. This multidimensional process and its effect are conceptualized as an image/metaphor mediated open work in motion, enhancing unconscious and conscious symbolization and internalized representation. Different aspects of the proposed all-inclusive and eventually internalized multidirectional interpretative configurations are illustrated by clinical vignettes with both analyst and patient taking turns as interpreters, under the patient’s authorship.