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Fadaee, Shakiba and Mahmood Hashemian. 2015. On the translation of advertisements: A comparative study of English-Persian verbal metaphors. Journal of Language Teaching and Research 6 (1) : 225–229. 5 pp.
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The present paper analyses the translation of verbal metaphors in some home appliance English and Persian TV commercials, which were recorded from national and international channels. Special attention was paid to translation issues regarding cross-cultural elements and audience perception. Indeed, the study highlights the general difficulty for the translator to provide a fair cultural representation of the source text, which becomes pivotal in specific genres such as advertisements. Towards this aim, TV commercials are analyzed within Black’s (1962) interaction theory of metaphor, in the attempt to ascertain the equivalence between source and target texts as far as metaphors are concerned. The comparison of the verbal metaphors in English advertisements to the corresponding Persian translations resulted in an overall lack of awareness of cultural approach to the translation of advertisements, also pointing out the differences and the similarities between the two languages taken into account.