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Seskauskiene, Inesa and Totilė Levandauskaitė. 2013. Conceptualising music: Metaphors of classical music reviews. Studies About Languages 23 : 78–88. 11 pp.
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The purpose of the present study is to investigate music-related metaphors in classical music reviews written in English. Although taking into account previous studies on the topic, namely those within the Conceptual Metaphor Theory framework and those by the second generation cognitive linguists, the study adopts a different approach, that is, MIP methodology, or metaphor identification procedure, which was elaborated by a group of cognitive linguists and further updated by the Amsterdam group in Vrije University. The results of the analysis of the collected data show that the most recurring metaphors are MOTION, CONTAINER and LINGUISTIC CREATION. Moreover, it is acknowledged that these metaphors have an important role in structuring classical music reviews as well as in influencing our reasoning about classical music. Finally, the study highlights the innovative character of these metaphors, which also tend to be evaluative, a rather important feature of the review genre as well.