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Janda, Laura A. 2010. Russian word-formation in contrast with Czech and Norwegian . Oslo Studies in Language 2 (2) : 243–259. 17 pp. URL
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Article in journal
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University of Oslo


This paper deals with the role of metonymy in word-formation. In particular, the author uses evidence from Russian, Czech and Norwegian to show that certain metonymies can be designated by suffixes i.e. the suffixes –an and -áč evoke the 'part for whole' metonymy in the equivalent versions of the same phrase: in Russian, the derivative brjuxan (lit. ‘belly’-an) ‘person with a large belly’ resembles the Czech břicháč (lit. ‘belly’-áč) ‘person with a large belly’; instances where metonymy functions as a vehicle for target. Overall, the specific approach to word-formation is expected to shed light on cultural differences.