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Zhang, Xianrong and Xingfei Miao. 2017. Subjectivisation and Thematic Information Constructing. Jounal of Foreign Languages 40 (5) : 2–10. 9 pp. URL
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During the text-constructing process, subjectivisation is applied to show that the speaker consciously controls the flow of information. As a form of subjectivisation, the thematic element is the starting point of the information and displays speaker-oriented construction of texts. The speaker using "I" as a self-referent can construct a system that expresses the notion of self. With "I" as the thematic element or the reference point, the speaker can convey his idea of, attitude towards, and evaluation of the consequent proposition. At the thematic position subjectivisation can help to mark experience subjectivity, interpersonal subjectivity, and textual subjectivity, helping to distinguish the metafunction of the thematic information. Subjectivisation can also foreground information which reflects the speaker's consciousness and ability of constructing the ego.