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Sun, Yi and Junlong Zhang. 2017. An inquiry into the Chinese-English Zeugma Motivations within the Scope of Experiential-Cultural Dual Dimensions. Jounal of Foreign Languages 40 (3) : 31–42. 12 pp. URL
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To locate zeugma within the frame of cognitive metaphor, human thinking and cognition contribute to the understanding of its motivations of production and corresponding interpretations. At the surface level, zeugma runs contrary to common sense and violates “semantic selectional restrictions”, leading to logical tensions. But it is these tensions between the composites of zeugma that signals the use of metaphor and from which similarities and differences can be discovered. In view of the above, this study conducted a cross-lingual comparison on the micro level. It finds that there are both similarities and differences in the use of zeugma between Chinese and English. The similarities are due to shared experientialism of bodily actions while the differences are reflective distinct cultural models.