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Chen, Fenghua and Jianshe Zha. 2017. The Image Construction of National Leaders in Foreign Affairs Promotion Context form Multimodal Cognitive Perspective: An Exploration on the Feature Article of Xi Jinping. Foreign Language Learning Theory and Practice 3 : 42–49. 8 pp. URL
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The recent publication of a special report bilingually in English and Chinese on China's new top leadership bears enormous significance to external publicity. Using a self-built corpus consisting of images and texts in this special report featuring Xi Jinping, this study applies the framework of visual metaphor to annotate the cognitive metaphoric meaning of images, the semantic tagging system to decode the semantic metaphoric meaning behind the texts, and intersemiotic semantic model and meaning framework to explore the relation between images and texts. It is hoped that this study will offer a new angle on how to efficiently construct national leader's positive images and introduce as well as promote potential "soft power" in external publicity.