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Zhao, Li. 2017. A BNC-based Study on Ideational Grammatical Metaphor on Clause-level. Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages : 35–43. 9 pp.
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Metaphorical clauses are the specific embodiments of notional grammar on the clause level. This paper investigated the metaphorical clauses, aiming to find out the verb types and the most frequent verbs in various metaphorical clauses. Research findings show that the verbs in metaphorical clauses are “manipulating objects” verbs (such as assail, seize, hold, strike, clutch and catch etc.), “delivery” verbs (give and take) and “dynamic” verbs (such as come, go, enter, reach, creep etc.). In addition, verbs in metaphorical mental clauses are “see”, “witness”, “find” and “discover”, while verbs in metaphorical relationship clauses are “have possess” and “be + in”. To make it further, this paper discloses the reasons why these verbs can play the role of process in metaphorical clauses.