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Huo, Shengya. 2017. The Political Implication of Air Pollution of London Literary Writing: With John Evelyn’s Fumifugium as Exemplification. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching : 80–87. 8 pp.
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John Evelyn, an English diarist in the 17th century, penned a pamphlet named Fumifugium to Charles II after the restoration, in which Evelyn discussed the causes of the air pollution in London, as well as its damage and solutions. This paper intends to place the explanations of this work in a specific historical and political period and reveals its actual function of political metaphor which aims to welcome Charles II’s back. On the other hand, this kind of work applies the publicity function of literature works by covering topics that the citizens are interested in and finding solutions to public issues. In addition, this study can provide suggestions on the creation of literature works in new historical situations, promoting the literature function of publicity and mobility.