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Feng, Quangong. 2017. Conceptual Metaphors in Contemporary Chinese Fiction and English Translations. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching : 20–29. 10 pp.
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Conceptual metaphor, being generative and systematic, is an important cognitive method. Derived metaphors can construct powerful rhetorical field. This paper analyzes four typical conceptual metaphors in Chinese modern fictions, i.e. women are guns, lust is fire, indifference is ice, and losing weight is a war, and attempts to discuss the systematic characterizations of conceptual metaphors and advantages and disadvantages of their counter-translation. This paper demonstrates that the translation version of Ge Haowen basically reproduces the systematicity of conceptual metaphors of original texts. In addition, Ge also has taken some proper compensation measures, forming a general aesthetic effect which equals to the original text. While, on the other hand, some flaws in Ge’s translation also indicate that the connectivity of conceptual metaphors and their derived metaphors are supposed to be given more focus, ensuring the organic integrity and the rhetorical field effect of the translation.