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Wang, Junchao, Wei Deng and Lisha Zeng. 2017. A New Exploration of the Chinese Translation of Business Novel Metaphors from the Perspective of Contextual Parameters—also on the Motivation and Construction of Metaphorical Process. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University : 100–104. 5 pp.
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Novel metaphors, which can make the texts more vivid, imagistic and readable, are pervasive in Business English. However, there is a problem that they often cause difficulties to metaphor comprehension and translation. Previous studies of novel metaphors mainly focused on mapping similarity from the source domain to the target domain and neglected cross-domain mappings. Therefore, this paper attempts to explore the comprehension mechanisms of novel metaphors and tries new kinds of classification in light of Contextual Parameter Theory (CPT). CPT, as an analyzing tool, can help to highlight, project, exclude and intensify the features of metaphors in novel, which provide explanative and operative methodology for describing and inferring the cognitive mechanism in metaphor comprehension. The study can shed some light on language learning and metaphors teaching of Business English texts.