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Zhang, Wei. 2017. A Corpus-based Comparative Study of Conceptual Metaphors on English “Dog”and Chinese "Gou". Journal of Xi’an International Studies University : 11–14. 4 pp.
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This article made a comparative study of the metaphors “Gou” in Chinese and “dog(s)” in American English. This paper indicated that great similarities and differences exist between the metaphorical patterns embodied in Chinese “Gou” and American English “dog(s)”. In addition, this paper also found that the metaphorical mappings of these expressions are based on the image of dogs in people’s mind and their embodied cognition, which naturally emerge in terms of their distinctive and cultural backgrounds. The metaphorical scope of “Gou” and “dog(s)” consists of character temperament domain, emotional or attitude domain, society or social relationship domain and the geographical shape, time or weather domain. In addition, the study attempts to explore the inner mechanisms of the metaphorica expressions of Chinese “Gou” and American English “dog(s)”.