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Qian, Kun. 2017. Reclassification of Grammatical Metaphors Based on Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University : 6–12. 7 pp.
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When it comes to the differences between grammatical metaphors and their congruent counterparts, there are numerous criteria, one of which is the distance between the impression a syntactic expression makes on the speaker and the cognitive prototype of the corresponding semantics, which is inevitably affected by the speaker’s mother tongue. Therefore, inter-language differences are supposed not to be neglected in considering the function of metaphors. Applying the empirical study, this paper demonstrated that the comprehension of metaphors by English speakers whose mother tongue is Chinese is based on the Chinese semantic prototype. Therefore, in terms of the experiment results, this paper re-clarified the metaphors according to the English and Chinese mindsets. In addition, this paper induced metaphor classification modes which are more appropriate to the English speakers with Chinese as their mother tongue.